Boats 20 feet in length or less...

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Boats 20 feet in length or less...

Balboa 20

I don't think these are still in production, but there are probably many used ones out there. Here's a link with some good info:

Balboa 20

Cape Cutter 19

The Cape Cutter 19 is a Dudley Dix designed classic coastal cruiser with 4 berths and a gaff cutter rig.

Catalina Yachts

Very nice 16 and 18 foot pocketcruisers at Catalina Yachts.


Chrysler Sailing Association - A very informative site on the full line of Chrysler sailboats. Includes brochures, specifications, history, etc...


Com-Pac Manufacturer's Page

Com-Pac Yacht Owners Association- a very nicely done site.

Ensenada 20

Unofficial Ensenda 20 site. A great boat with a very large cabin.


Manufacturer's Page - Hunter has a full line of popular cruisers. - A Hunter owners site.


Jeanneu has a number of very popular trailerable sailboats. 

Sun Fast 20 - a site devoted to the Jeanneau Sun Fast 20.


Several good Luger links here.

MacGregor 19

MacGregor 19 Page - The 19 was the precursor to the MacGregor 26. Lots of good info here.

Menger Cats

Menger Boatworks, Inc. - Several superb pocket cruising catboats.


The Montgomery 15 and 17 are great seaworthy pocket cruisers. Check out the Montgomery owners website too.

Nimble 20

Manufacturer's Web Site is back but the 20 is not currently being produced. Click here to see a note I received from a Nimble 20 enthusiast.

Norfolk Gypsy

The Norfolk Gypsy is a traditional sailboat through and through. It is built by Charlie Ward Traditional Boats, Ltd. You can also visit the Norfolk Gypsy Owners Association.


The NorseBoat is a unique sailing and rowing cruiser offered by Avalon House.

Peep Hen

The Peep is a unique boat. Nimble Boats (see above) was producing it. Only one sail and rather high-sided, but this makes for an easily handled boat with a very roomy cabin for a 14 footer.

Mon Poulet's Home Page - the designers page. Some good graphics and info on the Hens.


Precision has two interesting pocket cruisers less than 20 feet - 16.5 and 18 footers.

Check Lee's precision 165 Page for info on this great sailboat.

Also check out the Precision Owners page.

Seaward Fox

Seaward Fox - a 20 footer with one TALL sail, two quarter berths and a V-berth.

Here's an interesting site devoted to the Seaward Fox.

There's an owner's discussion group at:

Siren 17

Siren 17 - No longer in production. Here's a great site with lots of info on this able Canadian pocket cruiser. Includes the owners manual, brochure, and lots of other stuff including pictures.


Tangerine (Renken) 18

Tangerine (Renken) 18 - A great site with info on these boats which went out of production 80's.

Victoria 18

A real neat pocket Cruiser. They are no longer manufactured, but there is a bunch of hardy folk that love to sail them. There is a both a web site and a discussion group.

Westerly 18

No longer in production. here's a site with some info from an owner.

West Wight Potter

The West Wight Potter Page (International Marine, the manufacturer)

The Official Web Site of the Potter Yachters - the Northern California West Wight Potter Association.

The original West Wight Potter Page is back!