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Maybe you'd rather build a pocket cruiser. Take a look at these...

The Aleutka 25 - a little known gem.

B & B Yacht Designs - some very interesting cat ketch rigged pocket cruisers.

Boat Plans Online - Several interesting sailing cruisers.

Bruce Roberts Yacht Designs - Lots of great designs. They even sell kits.

BYYC Pocket Yachts

Weekender - a 19 footer, sleeps two. Gaff/sloop rig with bowsprit. Looks sort of schoonerish. Many good Weekender links on the Weekender II Sailing Page.

Vacationer - 21 footer. According to the designers, "A Weekender for the whole week."

Pocket Cruiser - 14 footer, with a relatively large cabin (high sides and wide beam). Sleeps two

Clark Craft - a large selection of great cruisers.

Common Sense Boats - officially closed but a few designs are still available

Devlin Boat Designs - many interesting designs including several great pocket cruisers.

Dudley Dix Yacht Design - Many interesting designs from Africa.

Egoist and Krill - Two very interesting French designs. The plans may be downloaded for free.  

Eventide - an interesting line British of pocket cruisers.

Glen-L Marine Designs - Many interesting designs and boatbuilding info with several very promising pocket cruisers.

Hartley TS 16 - a popular trailer sailor in Australia. Sleeps two. Site also includes list of used boats for sale.

Hot Chili - a strong plywood asymmetric catamaran.

Instant Boats - lots of plans for great boats including several pocket cruisers.

International Offshore 14 - An interesting racer/cruiser with a unique look.

Jarcat - Nice roomy catamarans.

Jim Michalak's Boat Designs - A page of boat designs and essays.  Good info on some Bolger-like designs. Excellent articles on various aspects of building small boats.

San Francisco Pelican Sailboats - 16' and 18' models. Seaworthy and easy to build cruisers.

The Yangtze 18 Project - A homebuild project. Junk version of the Pelican.

SBI Marine On-line

GFB-16 - (Great Fun Boat) a do-it-yourself weekender that looks somewhat like a Chinese junk.

Highlander Series - a group of boats designed for use in Scotland - several viable pocket cruisers.

Skylark Series - similar to the Highlander, several pocket cruisers featured.

Selway Fisher Design - Several very unique and roomy small cruisers.

Mark Smaalders Yacht Designs

Several great looking cruisers. A little heavy for trailering, but very seaworthy.